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I am having a Bad IT Weekend. It's like a Bad Hair Day except much more traumatic.

1) The ongoing stability issues on my lovely (for the first week I had it) HTC One S have been worse over the last few days and this morning it looked as if the auto crash recovery wasn't going to make it. I can't work out whether it's a hardware problem, an app problem or a system software problem (my current suspect). I'm going to have to drag myself into town to glare at a Vodafone employee while they patronise me.

2) Firefox and Flash, those arch enemies, have put me (and many other users) in the middle of their war. A few weeks ago, there was a Flash update that basically broke the internet for Firefox users. After much scouring of fora, I found and applied a solution. All is well.

Yesterday, my browser upgraded to 13.0.1 and started doing what can best be described as weird shit - not allowing me to click to a particular point in a form box, not allowing me to autofill forms from my password safe. I started investigating a move to Chrome (more below on that). This morning, Flash has an update for me. First, Flash's update crashes my PC while it's waking up. Then, it claims to be a fix for the Firefox issues. So I install it.

I should note that this was my own stupid mistake, for not verifying the fix via other users first. But I installed it, and has it fixed everything? NO, IT HAS NOT! No Cute Overload vids for me; no new episode of Tabletop. We are not amused.

So now, after dragging myself to the Vodafone shop, I then have to fix my browser. Again.

The constant annoyance of Firefox is finally pushing me to move to Chrome, but there is one extension in FF that I really can't do without, and that's GMail Manager NG. And because I don't want to link my GMail accounts through the multiple sign-in feature (for so many reasons), there doesn't appear to be a Chrome extension that will allow me to check all of them and switch between them the way GMail Manager does. If anyone knows of an extension that will do was I want, please let me know.
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