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I have successfully reduced my number of open tabs to 11, but I have not yet trawled my reading list for the last 3 days *sigh*.

I saw Eddie Izzard last night at the Newcastle arena and he rocked!!! The tickets were unexpected, so thanks to whichever mates of Paz' manager decided to bail. Our gain! Highlights of the evening were the jazz chicken and gazelles on elastic. I've noticed Eddie's getting rather more political these days. Significant time devoted to creationism and 'intelligent design', and several mentions of the BNP. It made for an interesting, intelligent show. It was also as funny as hell!

I currently have men drilling holes in my brickwork and stuffing the house cavities with yellow fluff. Soon we shall be fully insulated! Unfortunately, I can't go into town and meet my mate from London off the train until they're done. I'm also only half way through my to-do list for the day.

Still to do:

  • Tidy bedroom
  • Tidy desk (hah!)
  • Food shopping for weekend guests - umm...
  • Check train prices to Sheffield and London.
That last one is important. I have to go to Sheffield and I want to go to London, both before xmas. I probably can't afford to do both but, either way, I should book sooner rather than later.

OK, workmen finally done! I'm off to town to meet Andy, who I haven't seen since easter.

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I know very little about the SPN fandom—other than hearing about that episode in season 4—due to being only half way through season 1. Anyway, a mate of mine saw that episode and went hunting for fic on the web. She found fanfiction.net - imagine her disappointment. She asked me for assistance.

So, please could you direct me towards any good archives, comms or rec lists for SPN fic? My friend is new to slash, despite conversations with me, and not too keen on the concept of Wincest. If there's good starting fics you can think of, please let me know.
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The truly awesome [insanejournal.com profile] lilithilien bought me paid time on Dreamwidth! *hugs her mightily* I now have to organise all my icons on IJ so that I can then port them to DW. And there will also be polls... But not today, I think.

Today, I am going to wear a sundress for the first time in two years (\o/ we actually have sunshine) and I'm going to make brownies. After lunch I shall go into town to meet Claire, who is up from London for a funeral :( but I'm still glad I get to see her. Then Paz and I have to empty our wardrobes onto plastic sheeting, dismantle the bed and set the mattress on another sheet. The new carpet is being fitted tomorrow! Am very excited *bounces* And tonight there will be Neverwinter Nights, and "Sneak Attack, bitch!" Or maybe some Smite Evil, depending on which server we play on.
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I'm visiting my mate Andy in London, and last night we got on to the topic of the Harry Potter books (he's known for ages about my slash obsession). Andy was telling me how much he loved OotP and how disappointed he was by HBP.

Fair enough, everyone is entitled to thier opinions. But we discussed futher and it turns out that Andy got his copy of HBP as a ebook pirated from god knows where. So he starts talking about some of the plot elements and how it reads like bad fanfiction. At this point I ask if I can take a look at the ebook.

Guess what?

It is bad fanfiction!! With original characters and everything!

I'm not really sure what it says for JKR that Andy couldn't distinguish between the two...
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[livejournal.com profile] nymphish got me a paid account as a gift! *loves* So I now have tons of icon slots to fill. I think I'll set aside Thursday evening for iconnage :DDDDD

3 and a half days away from my computer currently leaves me with approx. 350 friends posts to wade through! So many! Am still reading all the holiday fest fics that I bookmarked yesterday.
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Look what [livejournal.com profile] nymphish wrote for me!!! Isn't she a star? ♥
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We went out for Halloween, as we have done the last two years, but this time we went in fancy dress! Our theme was Badger Badger Badger and no less than twelve different people came up to us to comment on our costumes. Yay us!!

Anyway, Legends has firedancers for special events, and the bloke is particularly tasty to look at. The lighting in the club makes it impossible to get a good pic, so what you can see is mostly sparks from the angle grinder grinding against the metal plate on the front of his trousers. I'd say 'on his belt' but it was riding lower than that...

Firedancer is tall, blond, slender and impressively flexible. And a plot bunny spiked my drink. There's various fics about Harry or Draco working as strippers in Muggle clubs. I want Draco as the Firedancer. Harry can be in the audience or part of the show, as you please.

From Halloween 2006


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