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May. 7th, 2011 02:33 pm
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I've been spending far too much time on Twitter recently: I'm now reading the little grey person icon on DW usernames as an @ sign.
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So, I made it to London. The journey was quiet and the train was late, but I'd planned for that. I attempted a Skype IM conversation with a mate in New Zealand, but the on-board wi-fi was not overly impressed with the whole idea, so I started watching Castle instead. I got 10 minutes into the first episode and was already in love.

So now I've had lunch from Pret and am happily ensconsed in Starbucks with coffee and wi-fi that is free, thanks to my Starbucks card. Yes, I, for one, welcome our evil overlords, Starbucks and Google. They are my friends.

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One final thing to share, before I forget: Are You A Nerd, Dork, Geek or Dweeb?, courtesy of David Hewlett on Twitter. I can now officially confirm my status as a geek! :D

So, which are you?


Nov. 13th, 2009 03:50 pm
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My RAM has arrived! \o/

This means I now have to shut down my laptop and attack it with a screwdriver. I have done such a thing many times with desktop towers, but never with a laptop. I feel unaccountably nervous...

I may have to log on to Paz's computer at the same time, so I can still feel connected to the world.

ETA: RAM was safely installed (several hours ago, actually) and I am now about to see just how much faster EQ2 runs. This will mostly be defined by how long it takes to zone in to the guild hall.

2 things

Jun. 19th, 2009 11:44 pm
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Thing the First: Google Wave. I WANTS IT!!!!!! Thanks to [personal profile] cupidsbow for alerting me to Google's latest spark of awesomeness. Yes, I know they're now big enough to be considered an Evil Empire but, hey, I still drink my coffee at Starbucks.

Thing the Second: Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen - Just saw it with Paz and we thought it rocked. Not quite as much as the first, but it still rocked. I very carefully avoided reviews beforehand, so now I find out that SFX only gave it 2.5 stars but Total Film gave it 4 stars. Something of a variance. So, have you guys seen it? What did you think?

Thing the Third (because I lied): The aforementioned mags also gave the aforementioned scores to the new Terminator film. Mostly what I've heard from non-media sources is, "Meh..." Have you seen it? Is it worth me forking out for a cinema ticket?
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I have 26 tabs open in my browser awaiting some action on my part. I need to clear the decks so I can run updates on my PC. In theory, I could use session-saver, but it will reopen my DW tabs without logging me in, and DW doesn't redirect when that happens. So, deck clearance. Please prepare for incoming spam (sorry).

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In shock

May. 26th, 2008 11:33 am
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So, ummm... I've just ordered two of these...

In my defence, one is for my dad and he's already given me the money for it.
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I was just reading the following from this fic:

“It’s a yearbook,” she said. “I instructed it to only show males in 6th or 7th year who are not engaged or married. That last one was pretty difficult, seeing as I had to factor in the terms of the engagement, you know how some of them lately have been extremely informal, but it is really fascinating how-“

And the first thought into my head was, "Mmmm, magic as a database language..."

Just kill me now, please?


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