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I spent a happy evening curled up on the sofa with Paz, watching Hawaii Five-0, Castle, Bones and Doctor Who.

I should note that I am only watching H50 for the pretty at this juncture.

I hate the 'Shootout at the OK Corral' thing that US police shows seem to have adopted. Nobody can hit the broadside of a barn, there's this massive spray of bullets, innocent bystanders everywhere and no backstop. They'd be killing people half a block away and yet they still can't take the bad guys down. Show, I cannot take you seriously when you screw up this much! Ok, who am I kidding? I don't take it seriously anyway.

Also really not impressed by them killing Malia so that Chin can be all broken. A woman dies so a man can emote. Yay. D:

I did enjoy the carguments, though, particularly when Doris was challenging Danny's lack of a stable relationship and Danny kept looking at Steve before answering. I'm sure there will be many ficlets based on that by this time next week.

After watching Doctor Who, I now want to leave black cubes randomly about the place and see how many people freak out. You can bet they'll be on sale in time for xmas.

In other news, work is stupidly busy, it's been a sucky summer and I'm tired of getting rained on. So, more telly please!

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