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I need a better way to organise my reading page. I currently have a heap of subscriptions, mostly to things and people I genuinely want to read, but I am seriously lacking in time. I find that if I don't read my flist for a couple of days then, by the weekend, I'm too far behind to catch up. Or I open tabs with the intention of commenting but find that, by the time I read it a week later, the moment has passed to make a useful comment.

So, how do you deal with information overload? Do you filter by topic or by some other secretly genius method?
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On the one hand, SGA Big Bang is live, and I have a burning need to start reading [personal profile] telesilla's, [personal profile] sabinetzin's and [personal profile] auburn's fics all at once.

On the other hand, there's 20% bonus Achievement Award on EQ2 this weekend and, while Raelynne is fully capped out and ready for the next expansion, I really need to be levelling my shadowknight, Sentai. And of course, I have my shiny new RAM to give everything Go Faster Stripes.

On the third hand (or maybe a prehensile tail), I've finally ported my RL journal to DW. But I now need to devise a tagging system that will work for that journal and this one (since I intend to crosspost) and then retag 6 years of entries.

So, a poll to help me decide )

The first thing I am going to do is get dressed. It is technically the afternoon now, and I should not still be lounging in my scruffy dressing gown. Then, maybe a bacon muffin for lunch...
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It's been quite a manic few days. Builders were supposed to be finished on Friday; they weren't. They were back today, despite the bank holiday, but are still not done. I'm also not 100% happy about the things that they have done today. Paz and I have also spent quite a lot of time looking at carpets, buying paint samples, sanding walls and cleaning up after builders. I think tomorrow will be more of the same.

I have recs to post, and no time, damnit!

Also, tag autocomplete! Loving DW more and more.
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I had no idea that registering an OpenID account on Dreamwidth last month would get me an invite code today. I feel like I've had a birthday! So, I've spent most of the day playing and finding people (comment if I haven't found you yet), and now I'm testing the cross-posting, which has to be the most nifty feature ever!

Happy days :D


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